Amarin TV 34HD installs an Imagine Comms playout system integrated with its SDI workflows

Amarin TV 34HD has recently implemented a HD playout system from Imagine Communications at its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. It has been built on ADC automation and Nexio+ AMP media server from Imagine Communications.

“We had a clear idea of what we needed to achieve with our new playout automation network — both for our operations today, as we develop our workflows, and as a building block towards a more file-based future,” said Cheewapat Nathalang, CTO of Amarin TV. That was the objective, and when the broadcast company looked at the market, they found the Imagine proposal: they provided an end-to-end software-based solution that integrates with the rest of Amarin TV’s SDI-based infrastructure.

The ADC software integrates with the Nexio+ AMP channel playout servers and Nexio® Motion™ asset management software. Motion provides a link between the Nexio on-air network and Amarin TV’s existing shared storage. The new workflow reconciles all incoming SDI feeds ingested using the ADC Media Client before being handled as files and transferred to the intermediate and long-term storage as appropriate.

The close integration of ADC, Nexio and Motion means that routine operations are automated. Transfers between Imagine’s IOX SAN storage pools are via watch folders, and ADC can interrogate the system for missing material based on playlists and purge content based on business rules. As all content is handled as files within the playout and asset management system, transfers are swift and secure and can be prioritized for urgent demands.

The complete system is fully redundant in a 1+1 configuration. ADC also manages the master control switcher, which supports graphics insertion, and Imagine’s Platinum™ VX SDI router for live feeds.

The new system was developed and implemented in cooperation with local systems integrator SWS Group Company Limited, whose GM, Pairoj Kittikulpaisal, commented, “Imagine Communications has always been a reliable brand, providing good support to our team for many years. We greatly trust Imagine’s products and solution, and this together with their ongoing help enables us to provide the best local support to all our customers.”

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