AMC’s European subsidiary implements IPGuardV2 from Enensys to secure IP video playout

Enensys Technologies has recently announced that AMC Networks International Central Europe has implemented several IPGuardV2 failover switches to secure IP playout. Enensys’ partner in Hungary, Silicon Computers, has carried out the integration.

The IPGuardV2 switches are used to change between main and backup video server platform in case of troubles on the main path. AMC at Europe will use them to do so. Each IPGuardV2 module manages 4x TSoIP.

“We are delighted to have found a competent partner in Enensys Technologies, who assists us to secure our video delivery,” said László Pandur, AMC Networks International Central Europe.

Laurent Le Dem, Sales Manager for Enensys Technologies, has commented that “we are very pleased that AMC Networks International Central Europe has chosen Enensys Technologies to secure the video for its new IP playout.”

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