Anevia will bring its NEA-CDN 5 cloud-native content delivery network solution to IBC 2019

Scheme of the architecture of Anevia NEA-CDN

The NEA-CDN 5, a solution that gives operator the possibility to scale their OTT services for peak viewing by adding their own CDN to their existing network infrastructure, will be one of the highlights of Anevia’s presence in IBC 2019.

The show, that will take place at the Amsterdam’s RAI from September 13 – 17, will host the European launch of this cloud-native Content Delivery Network solution along with other products from the French brand.

NEA-CDN is managed through the open-source Kubernetes container management systems, which allows OTT Operators to scale their service by using virtual-machine hosts over an internal or external cloud infrastructure. For this to work, an accessible Kubernetes cluster, already available on most public clouds, is required. In addition, the NEA-CDN 5 of Anevia can be geographically distributed to cover multiple territories.

David Tencer, NEA-CDN product manager at Anevia, explains more benefits of the latest version of the service: “Version 5 reduces or even eliminates the need for capacity planning. It is supplied as a container to be used with the Docker software platform. The container approach allows the service to be scaled for temporary or permanent requirements literally within minutes. This is also ideal for setting up a private cloud infrastructure to handle an OTT operator’s mainstream traffic. Users can also add external cloud resources on the fly ahead of sports events that are likely to generate high viewing peaks.”

“A second major benefit of using a container model is that processes are separated from the underlying hardware. In other words, it is no longer necessary to set up separate servers for the CDN and other processes. Operators can run their applications separately over the same private or public cloud infrastructure, within orchestrated containers. Combining a NEA-CDN with an Anevia origin server such as NEA-LIVE or NEA-DVR makes video delivery even more efficient, especially for live and near-live TV.”

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