Arri announces Trinity Live upgrade for enhanced broadcast stabilization

Arri has unveiled Trinity Live, an upgrade to the original Trinity stabilizer designed for broadcast applications. Key highlights of this announcement include:

– Enhanced Performance: The tool now optimizes the performance of the first-generation Trinity Gen.1 camera stabilizer for live broadcasts, ensuring smoother and more stable shots.

– Integration: The upgrade seamlessly integrates with the Arri Multicam System and third-party broadcast applications.

– Weight Reduction and Signal Stability: The wireless video link is now positioned at the bottom of the system, reducing the rig’s weight by up to 4 kg (8.8 lb) and providing a more stable wireless signal.

– Connectivity Upgrades: The software features four new 4G video lines and a 10 Gbit shielded Ethernet line to support the new wireless video link position.

– Extended Life and Functionality: This upgrade extends the life and functionality of Trinity Gen.1.

Additionally, the company has made public that it offers two more upgrade options for Trinity Live:

– Arri Master Grip Trinity: This upgrade provides simultaneous control of a zoom lens and the stabilizer’s tilt axis using a common LBUS controller.

– 24 V Upgrade: The 24 V upgrade enables the system to supply reliable 24 V camera power, accommodating cameras like Alexa Mini LF, Alexa 35, or Sony Venice.


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