ARRI introduces full PCA set for Canon C400

ARRI has introduced a new Professional Camera Accessory (PCA) set specifically designed for the Canon C400, following the launch of their Sony Burano accessories late last year. This new set is engineered to enhance the versatility and functionality of the Canon C400, incorporating ARRI’s latest Nato side brackets and four new Nato rail clamps.

Key features and components

The PCA set offers users the flexibility to choose between Canon’s top plate and the ARRI CCH-4 top handle with extensions, thanks to the removable center part of the top plate. This modular design allows for seamless integration with the standard BPA-5 Bridge Plate Adapter or ARRI’s combined VCT/Shoulder pad, which is a staple across their other PCA systems. Crafted from premium materials, the ARRI Support System for the Canon EOS C400 ensures a balance of stability and lightweight design, prioritizing reliability and ease of use.

Modular and adaptable design

The top plate is designed to be compatible with the top handle and HEX handle extensions, as well as the camera’s native handle. This facilitates smooth transitions between gimbal, handheld, and studio setups. The cage system features multiple accessory mounting points, while the side brackets double as Nato rails, providing versatile mounting options along with a safety release mechanism.

Enhanced usability

According to ARRI, the base plate enables tool-free adapter fitting, allowing for swift transitions between various camera setups. Moving the rig from a tripod dovetail to a shoulder mount or gimbal can be accomplished in seconds, enhancing on-set efficiency.

ARRI Multi-Hex screws, compatible with Hex 3, 4, 5, or 5/32” screwdrivers, streamline the assembly and adjustment processes. This design allows for quick adaptation of camera builds on set without the need for an array of tools, making it easier for cinematographers to adjust their setups on the fly.


ARRI’s new PCA set for the Canon C400 is a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality, versatile, and user-friendly camera accessories. By incorporating the latest Nato side brackets and rail clamps, ARRI ensures that users can achieve a high level of functionality and adaptability, whether they are working in a studio, on a gimbal, or in a handheld setup. This new set is designed to become an essential tool for professionals looking to maximize the potential of their Canon C400 cameras.

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