Arri introduces Orbiter Beam, the Ultimate LED spotlight for cinematic brilliance

Arri has unveiled its latest innovation in LED lighting with the introduction of the Orbiter Beam, a brand new addition to its portfolio. Representing the inaugural beam optic in Arri ‘s LED lighting arsenal, the Orbiter Beam boasts a novel optical design tailored specifically for long-throw applications and cinematic endeavors.

According to the company, this new LED lighting emerges as a bright full-color LED spot light. Leveraging a high-quality full-color spectrum LED source, this cutting-edge fixture delivers intensity levels comparable to the Arri Daylight M-Series M18, all within a more focused beam angle. Its versatility shines through in cinematic applications, whether illuminating distant scenes directly or via indirect bounce.

At the heart of this solution is its optical design, which produces a defined and powerful 4° parallel light beam characterized by uniform illumination. This feature lends itself perfectly to the creation of naturalistic distant lighting effects.

Despite its powerful performance, the Orbiter Beam remains compact and lightweight, measuring approximately 573 mm x 548 mm x 548 mm and weighing just 5.9 kg (13 lbs.). The reflector’s diameter, akin to that of the M90 luminaire, further enhances its practicality.

A new feature of the Orbiter Beam is its manual hot-spot adjustment, which enables users to tailor the light output from a hard to soft edge as needed. Complementing the existing Orbiter Open Face optics, including 15°, 30°, and 60° options, this beam optic eliminates the need for supplementary accessories.

Facilitating swift and secure mounting, the new LED lighting device is compatible with Arri’s Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) system, ensuring seamless integration with any Orbiter running firmware LiOS2 or later. With its unparalleled brightness, versatility, and user-friendly design, the Orbiter Beam stands poised to revolutionize the landscape of LED lighting for broadcast and audiovisual production.

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