Arteria Networks and At Tokyo collaborate to deploy pioneering fiber optic cable network across Tokyo port

In a strategic partnership aimed at fortifying Tokyo’s communication infrastructure, Arteria Networks Corporation and At Tokyo Corporation have inked an agreement to install the first-ever optical fiber cable traversing Tokyo Port. The cable will seamlessly connect the Toyosu-Ariake and Shibaura-Shinagawa districts, hotspots for numerous IT companies.

Recognizing the pivotal role of communication infrastructure in our daily lives, extending beyond basic calls and internet connectivity to encompass cashless transactions, security, disaster prevention, and cloud services, the collaboration aims to meet the escalating demands brought about by evolving workstyles, increased content consumption, and the pervasive adoption of DX, AI, and IoT.

To address these demands, Arteria and At Tokyo will deploy an optical fiber communications cable using the Horizontal Directional Drilling method, connecting the Toyosu-Ariake IT hub to the new At Tokyo data center in Shibaura-Shinagawa. This initiative aligns with the pressing need to bolster infrastructure supporting high-tech businesses and international financial industries thriving in Tokyo.

As the company states, these are the key highlights of the Tokyo port cross-route connectivity:

1. Enhanced network resilience

2. High-Capacity, low-latency communications

3. Supporting growing industries

The collaborative effort between Arteria Networks and At Tokyo signifies a crucial step toward establishing Tokyo as a resilient and technologically advanced hub, supporting the evolving needs of both local and global businesses. The deployment of the fiber optic cable network across Tokyo Port is slated to play a pivotal role in reinforcing the city’s position in the digital landscape.

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