Virtual Production Control Room from ASG integrates Viz Vectar Plus from Vizrt

ASG has announced recently that the company has partnered with Vizrt in order to integrate the Viz Vectar Plus into ASG’s Virtual Production Control Room. Viz Vectar Plus is part of Vizrt Live Production Solution and it is, basically, a software-based live production switcher. The integration has been made using Vizrt’s NDI (Network Device Interface) video-over-IP protocol.

Viz Vectar Plus extends functionality of normal video input sources. It provides direct support for videoconferencing call applications, web browsers and multiple streaming protocols. Its resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio independence provide support for multiple outputs to accommodate programming for various device types.

ASG’s VPCR is a multi-vendor solution that provides a powerful and versatile virtual control room. The platform is supported by more than two dozen companies, with multiple product options in almost every control room position.

The service is powered by Google Cloud for real-time, broadcast-quality coverage of live events and other programming. Not only does the system support major videoconferencing applications with multiple live participants, productions can include video switching effects, multi-channel audio, graphics, animations, captions, and more.

“Real-time cloud production is finally a reality. Software-based production tools are more advanced than ever”, added Pino Barile, sales manager from Vizrt. “The flexibility of Viz Vectar Plus helps content creators include a variety of sources into a single production environment without compromise. We’re proud to be a part of ASG’s collaborative, off-prem solution”.

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