Astera launches ‘White Remote’ for managing workflows

According to the company, new compact tool adds futher flexibility and efficiency to potential Astera workflows 

Astera has unveiled its latest offering, the ‘White Remote,’ a compact tool designed to enhance flexibility and efficiency in Astera lighting workflows. The Munich-based company, known for its lighting solutions catering to the film, event, and TV markets, introduced this pocket-sized device to complement the existing IR ‘FX Remote’ providing instant point-and-click control over the complete Astera lighting ecosystem.

The White Remote serves as a counterpart to the FX Remote, which facilitates color, strobing, and effect control with a button press. Equipped with both remotes, a lighting engineer can swiftly execute precise lighting changes. The White Remote allows for immediate on/off control of single or grouped sets of lights from a distance. It can also add lights to a control group configured through the app, enabling simultaneous changes across the entire group.

Featuring preconfigured buttons for light temperature, the White Remote offers 12 preset values ranging from 2400 to 10,000 kelvin, facilitating quick temperature transitions. CCT +/- buttons provide incremental temperature control. The remote includes five preset dimming parameters for rapid brightness adjustments, along with +/- dimming buttons for fine-tuning.

Additionally, users can enable or disable Max Runtime directly from the White Remote, allowing them to set maximum durations for lights through the Astera App. This ensures lights won’t run out of battery while delivering maximum intensity within the specified timing parameters.

Astera’s BlueMode, a workflow for pairing lights with the Astera App, is simplified with the White Remote, streamlining the pairing process in seconds.



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