Ateliere discloses comprehensive guide to simplify cloud migration in media supply chain

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a developer of cloud-native solutions for media supply chains, has just launched a definitive guide aimed at ensuring the success of cloud migration in the media and entertainment sector. Titled “Modern Media Supply Chain Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Cloud Migration,” this meticulously crafted resource is tailored for media businesses contemplating a shift to a cloud-native media supply chain. Packed with invaluable insights and best practices, this guide equips readers with the essential information and tools needed to make well-informed decisions that maximize ROI through a strategic cloud migration.

This essential guide simplifies key topics using practical tools, worksheets, and ROI calculators, helping to devise a cloud migration strategy by defining goals, assessing potential cost savings, and estimating time savings.

Readers can anticipate insights on:
– Achieving operational efficiencies through cloud migration, including benefits like elasticity, flexibility, and scalability.
– The potential for significant cost reduction by minimizing redundant media assets, lowering storage expenses, and implementing native component-based workflows.
– Maximizing revenue and growth opportunities by streamlining content archives and enhancing monetization strategies.
– How cloud-native platforms support sustainability initiatives by efficiently utilizing computing power and reducing power consumption costs.

“Cloud migration has become indispensable for enhancing ROI in media supply chain operations; there’s no doubt about it,” states Ateliere CEO Dan Goman. “This guide empowers readers with well-informed perspectives and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of cloud migration while avoiding costly pitfalls. The outcome is improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and the discovery of fresh revenue prospects. With this comprehensive resource, the shift to the cloud evolves into a strategic and informed business decision.”

The paper “Modern Media Supply Chain Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Cloud Migration,” is available to download in Ateliere’s website.

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