Ateme drives TVRI’s shift to 4K UHD OTT streaming

With this movement, the company strengthens its presence in Indonesia’s OTT solutions market

Ateme has announced a significant milestone: the transition of Indonesia’s national public broadcaster, TVRI, to 4K UHD OTT streaming, powered by Ateme’s state-of-the-art solutions. This development underscores Ateme’s dominance in providing top-tier OTT services in Indonesia.

TVRI has adopted Ateme’s advanced Gen 7 video encoding and low latency streaming solutions, marking a new era in broadcast quality and technological advancement for the broadcaster. By integrating Ateme’s Just-In-Time Packager Origin, TVRI is set to offer a seamless streaming experience, leveraging future-ready technologies like AV1 and VVC.

Satriyo Dharmanto, CTO of TVRI, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our decision to deepen our collaboration with Ateme stems from the recognition of their solutions. We are thrilled to embark on this journey together and to introduce TVRI’s first 4K UHD OTT channel with Ateme. This underscores our confidence in Ateme’s capabilities and our shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional viewing experiences to our audience.”

Highlighting the strategic importance of this move, Sean Tan, Ateme’s Head of Sales for Southeast Asia, stated, “In today’s rapidly evolving streaming market, broadcasters must adapt to meet changing viewer expectations. Our comprehensive end-to-end OTT suite empowers TVRI to upgrade and futureproof its platform, ensuring it remains agile and responsive to its viewers’ demands.”

From TVRI’s IT and New Media department, Ade Dianofiar, Head of IT & New Media, and Ricky Plamonia, Technical Lead of IT & New Media, emphasized the operational benefits of their choice: “Utilizing TITAN & NEA’s comprehensive OTT solution suite enables us to streamline our time-to-market process through a single vendor. This approach enhances efficiency, lowers operational costs, and ultimately leads to a more cohesive and reliable streaming system.”

According to the company, this transition not only marks a leap in broadcast quality for TVRI but also cements Ateme’s role as a pivotal player in Indonesia’s OTT landscape.

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