Ateme integrates advanced HDR by Technicolor into TITAN offerings for enhanced video delivery

Advanced HDR by Technicolor® has been seamlessly integrated into Ateme’s TITAN offerings, as the company  announced from Paris, France

Ateme, specialized in video delivery solutions across broadcast, cable TV, DTH, IPTV, and OTT platforms, has incorporated Advanced HDR by Technicolor into its TITAN suite – a video compression solution tailored for broadcasters, content owners, and service providers aiming to efficiently deliver video content across various screens and platforms.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor, developed through collaboration between Philips, InterDigital, and Technicolor, offers a comprehensive suite of high dynamic range production, distribution, and display solutions. According to Valerie Allie, Senior Director of the Video Solutions Group at InterDigital, the integration of Advanced HDR by Technicolor into Ateme’s TITAN brings forth numerous benefits. “By directly integrating Advanced HDR by Technicolor into TITAN, the delivery of HDR live premium content in the Advanced HDR by Technicolor format is streamlined, facilitating broader deployments and enhanced capabilities for broadcasters and rights owners. This streamlines workflows and opens up new avenues for broadcasters and streaming providers to optimize and expand their HDR distribution capabilities,” noted Allie.

This announcement underscores the ongoing collaboration between Ateme and Advanced HDR by Technicolor, signaling a significant advancement in their partnership. Alongside existing implementations of Advanced HDR by Technicolor technologies in production, playout, and file-based conversions, the integration with Ateme’s TITAN platform enhances scalability and deployment capabilities for broadcasters. This integration enables leveraging diverse vendor capabilities to deliver premium HDR viewing experiences to consumers. HDR content empowered by Advanced HDR by Technicolor can now be seamlessly delivered alongside AVC, HEVC, and VVC codecs and sourced from any SDR or HDR content origin.

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