Ateme and Hoist Group have announced two new TV services related to infotainment in the hotel sector

Hoist Group has integrated Ateme’s specially adapted and customized Flamingo technology into the latest version of its interactive TV system, Hoist Interactive TV. The tools Hoist Group has integrated are Personal Video Recording (nPVR) and catch-up TV from Ateme. In addition to being able to choose from an array of live national and multi-national TV channels, hotel guests will be able to record TV programs, so they can view them at any time during their stay.

The hundreds of hotels throughout EMEA that are existing users of ATEME’s Flamingo can also benefit from them with an upgrade option. Ateme and Hoist Group have been working together for over twelve years creating successful infotainment systems as Flamingo.

”With changing lifestyles bringing about new TV consumption behavior, the quality of in-room infotainment has become an increasingly important factor when choosing a hotel. Guests now expect the same TV experience that they get at home – if not better. We are honored that Flamingo was selected by Hoist Group to integrate these innovative services”, has commented François Clemenceau, Sales Director at Ateme, regarding to the relation maintained between Hoist Group and Ateme.


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