Ateme launches its recently tested audiovisual delivery solution over 5G

Ateme has recently announced the launch of its 5G streaming solution. With this solution, users can enjoy video experiences on their mobile devices while commuting or watching a game in the stadium. They can also enjoy a live TV event from home, regardless of which mobile network operator they subscribe to. The 5G streaming solution from Ateme will be demonstrated at the European Digital Forum in Lucca, Italy, June 16th-17th.

Ateme 5G capabilities have already been used in the Eurovision Song Contest and in a major tennis tournament, as well as by the government-backed 5G Vista consortium for an in-stadium project in the UK.

In stadiums, the 5G solution includes viewing the game live in multiple angles and re-watching the most important actions on near-live channels. It ensures an appropriate experience in terms of both image quality and low latency, no matter how many users there are. This is enabled by integrated 5G-broadcast technology from infrastructure technology provider Rohde & Schwarz, efficient compression using powerful codecs such as VVC, the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) streaming protocol for low latency, and a transport delay thanks to the 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) architecture.

“With 5G, mobile video consumption is expected to thrive thanks to UHD content and new metaverse video services,” said Williams Tovar, 5G Media Streaming Solutions Director at Ateme. “The new capabilities and flexibility brought by 5G are a fantastic opportunity to create immersive experiences. We are thrilled to enable new mobile video services and experiences that will increase viewers’ engagement and loyalty, translating into revenue growth for both network operators and content providers.”

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