Ateme impulses NT’s sports video contribution all over Asia and beyond

According to Ateme, its contribution encoders provide video quality with minimal latency in a robust, easy-to-use solution for live events

NT, a telecommunications operator in Thailand, has seen its contribution empowered at numerous sports events throughout Asia and beyond over the last two years, as Ateme has recently announced, thanks to the Ateme Kyrion contribution encoders. This way, NT has improved video quality at low latency, enhancing the experience of audiences in Thailand.

Ateme’s Kyrion solution has been instrumental in delivering high-quality video content to Thai audiences for various prestigious sporting events, including:

  • The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2023
  • World Cup 2022 Qatar
  • Olympics 2021 Japan
  • Sea Games in Vietnam 2021 and Cambodia 2023
  • European Championship 2020
  • Thai Football League.

Offering comprehensive contribution services, NT facilitates the delivery of content from these events, ensuring a seamless and robust connection that serves Thai broadcasters and service providers.

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