Ateme introduces advanced personalized advertising with latest Apple specification

New Apple HLS interstitials integration optimizes Ateme’s server-side ad insertion

Ateme, renowned for its cutting-edge video compression and streaming solutions, proudly announces the seamless integration of Apple’s latest HLS Interstitials specification into its Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution. This strategic move enhances Ateme’s NEA solution, empowering content and service providers to elevate viewer engagement and drive revenue growth through targeted advertising.

Initially deployed for a leading European content and service provider, Ateme’s SSAI solution stands out as one of the industry’s pioneers to embrace HLS Interstitials support. This integration brings forth numerous advantages, including:

– Enhanced viewer experience, ensuring smooth transitions between content and ads regardless of codec parameters or audio tracks.
– Expanded control for service providers, allowing them to tailor player actions during ad breaks to amplify engagement.
– Increased flexibility in ad-insertion processes, enabling dynamic adjustments to inserted ads post-initial decisions.
– Robust technical capabilities, offering greater resilience to ad-break conditioning and segment boundaries within the HLS manifest.

“Content and service providers are constantly seeking innovative ways to boost revenue streams,” stated Ahmed Swidan, Director of Personalized TV at Ateme. “Expanding audience reach across various devices while employing top-notch ad-insertion techniques is key to achieving this. Apple’s latest HLS Interstitials specification not only broadens our reach but also introduces advanced functionalities for ad-break replacement logic, fortifying the system’s resilience. We are excited to lead the charge in implementing this standard, unlocking the full monetization potential of the media industry.”

The Ateme team looks forward to showcasing the latest enhancements to its SSAI solution at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, taking place from April 14th to 17th in the West Hall, booth 172.

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