Ateme and Verance partner to impulse NextGen TV interactive experiences with Aspect Watermarking implementation

Ateme has joined forces with Verance, a watermarking platform for broadcast television, to incorporate Verance Aspect Watermarking into the audio chain of Ateme’s TITAN transcoders. This strategic integration heralds a new era for NextGen TV interactive experiences within the ATSC 3.0 Standard, promising widespread accessibility for households across North America.

Verance’s Aspect Watermarking, a robust implementation of ATSC’s open watermarking standards, serves as the conduit for delivering metadata and triggers essential for NextGen Broadcast interactive experiences through various distribution channels. By ensuring compatibility across ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 platforms, cable/satellite networks, and over-the-top services, this integration extends the reach of interactive capabilities to 100% of connected televisions, as Ateme claims.

The incorporation of Verance Aspect Watermarking within the TITAN transcoders’ audio chain amplifies interactivity, unlocking a new set of possibilities for NextGen Broadcast applications. From functionalities like start-over options and sports betting to personalized news delivery, weather updates, targeted advertising, and advanced emergency alerts, broadcasters can now harness the full potential of interactive services to enrich viewer engagement.

“With more and more broadcasters deploying NextGen Broadcast, they want to see a return on their investment,” said Julien Mandel, Solution Marketing Senior Director, Contribution & Distribution Segment, at Ateme. “We are thrilled to be enabling new business models through interactive services and personalization, by combining Verance Aspect Watermarking with Ateme’s TITAN transcoders.”

Nil Shah, Verance CEO, said, “Verance is proud to partner with Ateme in integrating our Aspect Watermarking technology into its TITAN transcoders. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in delivering personalized and engaging content experiences to viewers while ensuring interoperability across all distribution paths. It empowers broadcasters with unparalleled opportunities to deliver personalized content, explore new revenue opportunities and embrace the transformative capabilities of NextGen TV.”

According to both companies, the integration of Verance Aspect Watermarking into Ateme’s TITAN transcoders represents a pivotal milestone in the evolution of broadcast technology.

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