AtomOne camera range from Dream Chip features ND filter-holder

Dream Chip has recently extended its line of AtomOne mini cameras by adding a new functionality. The versatility about light conditions of these devices has been increased by adding an ND filter-holder.

This improvement brings flexibility into sports broadcasting. For example, the company has highlighted the particular case of motorsports. Whilst internal mounting of cameras in race sport has an established history, it often represents a complex negotiation between the needs of competitors and the needs of the audience – with cameras adding weight, inconvenience and potential risk, all of which represent a compromise to the competitors. For broadcasters, keeping cameras small and capable of withstanding the intense conditions of motor racing often meant a compromise in broadcast quality and reliability, not to mention cost.

With the AtomOne mini, even with the addition of the ND filter-holder, these inconveniences disappear and broadcasters do not resign to broadcast quality.

Christian Kühn, Head of Sales & Product Marketing for Dream Chip, said: “The ND filter-holder is a natural extension of our product and the philosophy behind it: namely, the ability to capture exceptional image quality even in the most challenging of conditions. The development of the ND filter-holder stemmed from consultation with existing customers. By developing to accommodate the needs of specific users who we already have an established relationship with, we are able to create enhancements that benefit the whole market. We remain committed to always finding ways to meet the needs of our customers; this balance between in-house innovation and customer-led development is what keeps us leading the market in terms of miniaturized camera innovation, and we’re very fortunate for it”.

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