AtomOne Mini series from DreamChip to be part of the next generation of broadcast drones

DreamChip has recently announced that they have completed a collaboration with the professional FPVDrone pilots and vice drone league champions Philipp Freybott and Angelo Felche from Cinequads, known for their cinematic FPV drone shots, rentevent’s RF specialist Thomas Beeskow and Andreas Schüler, special camera engineer and developer.

The collaboration has developed the mounting of Dream Chip’s Atom One on a high-speed, professional-grade drone, piloted by Fleche and Freybott. The was then used to live broadcast shots at rapid pursuit action segment. The drone managed to achieve speeds of up to 100mph whilst shooting in HDR.

The cameras installed were the AtomOne and AtomOne mini AIR and they provided not only high resolution and HDR, but also in the ability for users to manage White Balance and Chroma values remotely, along with remote iris control at the Atom One mini. After the deployment, drones were tested. The camera was able to achieve live playout. These drones combination with AtomOne mini series is suitable for live and recorded production environments, from sport to cinema.

Speaking of the collaboration, Schüler said: “Drone videography represents the confluence of two very different, discrete disciplines. But the paradox is that they cannot exist independently – each technology has a bearing on the way that the other one can be applied. It’s very much a symbiotic relationship; the physical features of the camera impact the aerodynamics of the drone, but at the same time, the movement and function of the drone impacts the nature of the images that can be captured. In general, compromises need to be made on one side or the other.” And he continued “The AtomOne mini AIR reduces this compromise to near zero. Combining the best in drone technology with an AtomOne mini AIR facilitates exceptional image quality whilst being robust enough to endure challenging flying conditions, and small and lightweight enough to have minimal impact on the aerodynamics of drone. In term of RF drone production, it’s something of a holy grail.”

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