ATTO Technology partners with Symply and releases SymplyFIRST for media workflows

ATTO Technology has announced a new partnership with the release of the new SymplyFIRST line of products. The company provided technology and support as the line was being created since it was a long-time partner of Simply.

The new range of products is able to redefine capabilities and introduce a new level of use for the most common media workflow challenges. The solution includes RAID, long-term LTO archive and professional Thunderbolt™ expansion.

“Working with Symply during the development of the SymplyADDR and SymplyLTO products was great. Not only do these products deliver outstanding performance, they are also ruggedly built with professional use in mind,” said Tim Klein, President/CEO, ATTO Technology.

“When developing the SymplyLTO and ADDR product line we needed a partner we could trust who could deliver to the best Mac®, Windows® and Linux® SAS technologies on time and with no issues. ATTO was our first choice. Being a long-term partner and an industry leader, they didn’t disappoint,” said Nick Warburton VP Symply.

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