ATX Event Systems uses Birddog cameras and cloud solutions for Consensus 2022 cryptocurrency event

Birddog has recently published one of its biggest success stories. It is about the coverage that the company ATX Event Systems made during the Consensus 2022 event.

Consensus 2022 is the world’s largest crypto trade show. The event itself is held over seven venues in the city of Austin, Texas. It features exhibitions and conferences on the current state of cryptocurrencies and the trends that will follow in the future. For four days, the content fostered by the trade show took place virtually around the clock.

ATX Event Systems provided a complete infrastructure using the Australian company’s Birddog Cloud solution. The challenge was to introduce its media into a number of predefined video systems while gaining the capabilities that this company is able to achieve through its streaming technology.

The video system was based on 33 BirdDog P400 units connected to the fiber ducts that the city of Austin has underground, as well as WiFi solutions provided by WiFi Joe. The goal was to ensure that from different parts of the city, being an event located in different spaces, all the people who had to access would be connected to the same network.

Joe Ballarta, director of the company WiFi Joe, shares his impressions of the network they built. “In downtown Austin there really isn’t a good network infrastructure to work on. What we did, basically, was provide Internet to all these seven spaces where the show was going on via point-to-point microwave.”

“Thanks to Birddog’s PTZ cameras, we were able to produce this entire network in less than 27 hours. You only need one cable to connect them. Power, control, signals… everything goes over the same path,” says Ralph Muellen, Network Architect at WiFi Joe.

The cameras were distributed in a decentralized manner, as was the operation and control of the devices. However, the entire system was centralized through the network infrastructure they had in place and the capabilities provided by Birddog’s cloud tool.

“When we started organizing the event, we knew Birddog was going to be the ideal solution,” said Josh Castellano, Project Manager / Video Engineer at ATX Systems. “We wanted a tool capable of providing our customer with a signal with minimal latency and very flexible in operation and deployment.”

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