The Austin-Peay State University expands the equipment of its studios with Hitachi HDTV Cameras

Z-HD5000 camera of Hitachi deployed at Austin Peay State University

The Department of Communication of the Austin-Peay State University (APSU) has purchased three Hitachi Kokusai’s Z-HD5000 to offer students a hands-on experience in the television and sport broadcasting disciplines. The new cameras will be used in fixed positions in the studio, complementing six Hitachi’s arena cameras that are already deployed in several combinations: tripod-based, ladder-mount, handheld…

The APSU, located in Clarksville, Tennesse, is a public university with more than 10,000 students. Its television, APSU Television (APSU-TV), operates 24 hours a day with student-produced news, public affairs, sports and special event content. The Department of Communication also offers the broadcasting on APSU football and basketball matches, as well as the video scoreboard productions. The content produced by APSU can be seen in the campus cable channel and in the EPSN+ streaming service.

Kathy Lee Heuston, professor and interim chair at the Department of Communication at APSU, explains the decision to buy Hitachi’s cameras: “Our objective was to have a professional camera to teach the students on, so they would be prepared when they went out into the real world. The Z-HD5000 met all of the requirements while best fitting the budget, making it the first time the department was able to purchase professional-level cameras.” Lee Heuston has also remarked the quality of the devices: “When we had the older cameras in the studio alongside content coming from the Hitachi cameras in the arena, you could see the quality difference. Now, with the Z-HD5000s feeding our NewTek TriCasters, we get very clear pictures and the results really look professional.”

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