The Australian Football League (AFL) relies on Dalet Flex to preserve and valorize its archives

Dalet has recently announced that the Australian Football League (AFL) is using Dalet Flex to manage the cloud-based its video archives. The objective is to digitalize and modernize them.

The implementation of Dalet’s cloud-native media logistics, which was done in collaboration with partner Telstra Broadcast Services, enables AFL to tackle a technical uplift of its game content stored on 22,000 physical tapes and reimagine the way they share and resell the game content.

“As custodians of the history of the game, it’s really important that we provide a simple way for future generations to access and experience the game’s rich history,” comments Spencer Wilson, Operations and Broadcast Manager for the AFL. “Dalet Flex provides a single source of truth for this mammoth archive,” comments Spencer Wilson, Operations and Broadcast Manager for the AFL.

AFL is the guardian of the league’s video archives, preserving historical game content for its club members since the very first game captured on film in 1909. Concerned with degradation and loss of valuable assets, the organization sought to digitally preserve its entire archive. The AFL used Telstra Purple to configure the Amazon Web Services data servers and data centers that stored the digitized game content and Dalet Flex to facilitate key media logistics functions including archival searches, retrievals, and packaging of content for on-demand and multi-platform distribution.

“For years, AFL has been producing content and delivering to their fans all ‘for the love of the Game.’ They are leveraging Dalet Flex to enhance their video strategy, and transform from a sport organisation that oversees an archive to a media-savvy sport organisation that utilises technology to optimise their high-value content,” comments Ren Middleton, Regional Sales Manager ANZ, Dalet. “Innovative on demand and digital video strategies take experience and understanding. We are able to bring all of our best practices delivering video solutions to a number of iconic leagues and teams, and deliver faster, more efficient, more impactful workflow solutions like AFL on-demand archive.”

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