Autodesk democratizes 3D creative processes with the launch of Maya Creative

Autodesk has recently announced the launching of Maya Creative. It is basically, a more affordable and flexible version of Maya. The solution has been designed to make accessible the content creation process. They achieve this by lowering the barrier to entry for artists at smaller facilities. The tool is available on both Windows and Mac.

This release answers an increasing business need that the whole industry has been experimenting. The M&E industry is craving increased flexibility and affordability across entertainment content creation with VFX and animation required for almost all content produced, whether it’s for a film, a game, or a commercial. VFX facilities, as an example, are being pressured to create high quality content, quickly, for streaming services working to delight their subscribers.

“Although they’re increasing, production budgets are not keeping pace with consumer demand, which puts pressure on companies to do more for less,” said Diana Colella, SVP, Media & Entertainment, Autodesk. “As larger facilities enlist freelance artists and boutique VFX houses to scale workload capacity, there is more demand for affordable industry-standard tools. For studios to compete, creativity and efficiency are paramount.”

One independent creator, Clifford Paul, said the best thing about Maya Creative is the flexibility it gives him as a freelancer working on diverse projects. He is required to use a variety of programs across client work, and he can access and pay for Maya whenever he needs it.

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