Aveco to showcase its new core platform at IBC 2022: ASTRA V

Aveco, an enterprise focused in automation and MAM solutions for media companies, has recently announced availability of its ASTRA V core platform for its ASTRA Studio, ASTRA MCR, and ASTRA Ingest automation systems.

The platform is based on Linux and provides a system with IT technologies and security standards while expanding functionality found in previous ASTRA systems. ASTRA V runs virtualized (as well as in the public cloud) or on COTS hardware. It allows scaling automation capacity and the ability to spin up new workflows on demand.

ASTRA V systems include all existing interfaces and integrations, as well as the familiar and previous user interface. The tool is compatible with modern standards such as NMOS, compliance to EBU R 143 cybersecurity, and others.

Avecos’ development is currently in operation with initially selected media organizations.

“It is a versatile and robust platform that gives our automation products even better flexibility, scalability, and increased density, while retaining its real-time control performance,” according to Martin Mach, ASTRA Product Manager. “We are inviting all of our current platform users to migrate to the ASTRA V core platform to enjoy all of its new benefits.”

“As the latest generation of Avecos’ automation platform, ASTRA V manages the complete create-manage-deliver workflow for media companies,” said Pavel Potuzak, CEO of Aveco. “The unified ASTRA V GUI allows users to focus on their tasks, while operations in the cloud and/or on-prem are taken care of seamlessly and automatically by the tool. From automated baseband and file ingest, through news production, media transfers across cloud/ground boundaries, to the delivery of media to viewers via on air or online, ASTRA V is the media production platform that supports users now and into the future.”

This new release will be powering another solutions showcased by Aveco at IBC on stand 2.B18.

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