The Aviwest technology equips the SNG and IP vans from the Danish network TV2

The Aviwest technology equips the SNG and IP Vans from the Danish network TV2

Aviwest and the Danish national network, TV2, have announced the integration of the company’s technology in broadcaster’s satellite news gathering (SNG) and IP vans dedicated to on-the-go, live multicamera coverage and remote production.

Among the technology supplied by Aviwest, there are Pro3 Series bonded cellular transmitters, HE4000 UHD/multi-HD video encoders and QUAD CellLink antennas. These solutions enable TV2 to have a full IP-based production workflow.

With the Aviwest StreamHub transceiver platform, the network can simultaneously stream to multiple destinations, such as web, OTT, and TV. This system uses SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol and enables support to a variety of streaming protocols, such as RTMP, RTSP/RTP, HLS and TS/IP.

“The new vans enable us to produce more high-quality, value-added live content for the same cost. Our journalists and camera operators can move freely and operate all of the equipment with ease,” said Jens Christoffersen, technical solution architect at TV2. “With Aviwest’s solutions, remote areas become accessible. The equipment is more modular, compact, and lightweight that what we were using previously and we have the unique capability to support news helicopter feeds, if necessary.”

“By streamlining their production workflow and optimizing costs with our advanced AVIWEST solution, TV2 can offer an increased amount of live video content and boost viewer engagement,” said David Jaouen, sales director at Aviwest.

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