Avolites upgrades its Titan software to optimize audiovisual installations

Avolites unveils an update of its Titan software. The aim of this update is to facilitate the programming of audiovisual installations.

The update offers a more visual programming, allowing users to execute the different actions manually through the interface, or by using the programming recording function.

With Titan 15.1, the “Venue Mode Workspace” allows users to program a simplified workspace interface that appears on screen when the console is locked. This allows selected functions to be displayed, enabling simplified use for non-production venue personnel. This function can also be password protected for installations in public access areas. In addition, the console can be configured to power on with different locking screens.

“Audiovisual installations are very different from live shows and don’t require as many impromptu changes,” says Oliver Waits, developer of Avolites Titan. “In an installation you are looking to program a staging easily and quickly and that can be operated by anyone, with the ability to leave the content protected, away from the danger of any possible modification or accidental change.”

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