AWS Elemental MediaLive now offers Statistical Multiplexing (Statmux)

Scheme featuring statistical Multiplexing AWS

Statistical Multiplexing is now available with AWS (Amazon Web Services) Elemental MediaLive.

Statmux is a technology used in live broadcast workflows that allocates bits in real time among multiple live video channels. It adjusts the bitrate of each channel in the statmux pool to optimize the use of total available bandwidth and combines the encoded outputs into a single transport stream. Using AWS Elemental MediaLive with Statmux, customers can now deploy linear video processing and playout in the AWS Cloud for broadcast, cable, or terrestrial distribution.

According to the press release, the key benefits of AWS Elemental MediaLive with Statmux are “cloud flexibility, built-in resiliency, high video quality, operational efficiency, monitoring and metrics, and unified headend”.

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