AzamTV trusts in the Quicklink Mobile Encoder

Reporter of AzamTV deploying Quicklink solution

The Quicklink Mobile Encoder is AzamTV’s choice to provide live news gathering. The system uses LTE SIM cards for uplink from the field. Once sent, the feeds are received by the Quicklink Standard Playout Server at the studio for output.

The Quicklink Mobile Encoder is ready for “the most challenging networks locations”, according to the press release. It can bond up to 10 multiple internet connection (including Wi-Fi, cellular and LAN) to improve the speed and reliability of the connection.

“Our aim is to use the Mobile Encoder as much as possible for our live news gathering. In fact, our news reporters never leave the office without it!” said Ahmed H. Abdallah, Deputy Manager Information Technology at Azam Media Ltd.

Tanzania’s AzamTV plans to use Quicklink technology to cover sporting events such as football matches or marathons for the Azam Sports Channel.

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