American AZTV implements Enensys’ GigaCasterII to enable ASI / IP conversion

Enensys Technologies has recently announced that it has implemented GigaCasterII on AZTV distribution system and, also, it gives a failover design with ASI to IP and IP to ASI conversion.

GigaCasterII is bidirectional TS over IP Gateway from Enensys and it allows AZTV to deliver IP streams from their studios to multiple locations. Also, it is capable to make it with multi unicast/multicast distribution and to convert it IP streams into ASI for decoders.

Ken Brown, Chief Engineer at AZTV said “we are pleased to have the confidence and professional support from Enensys team integrating our legacy systems into a new scalable IP network design using a verity of carrier-based IP services. Enensys converter allowed us for jitter removal, future SFN and easy monitoring within our ASI/IP networks. This is now a critical part of our IP upgrade path and having the Enensys team to work with now and in the future is key to our success.”

“From the beginning Enensys’ engineers and Ken Brown have exchanged ideas on different architecture which result in adding some new features to enhance the GigaCasterII’s capabilities to comply with AZTV’s needs”, commented Bruno Tariant, Enensys Head of Sales for Americas.

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