Barix is now shipping its Analog-to-IP speaker upgrade solution

IP Former, IP upgrade for speakers - A solution by Barix

Barix, a supplier of components to systems integrators and more, has just released IP Former, a solution for transforming analog loudspeakers into networked IP speakers. Enabling easy upgrades of existing audio deployments to support advanced IP functionality, the new module lets systems integrators and installers offer customers a digital audio environment without jettisoning their current speakers.

 Replacing the 70/100V transformer traditionally used with analog loudspeakers, IP Former adds IP networking capabilities to new or existing speakers. It provides an IP network interface, audio stream decoder and amplifier front-end for a two- to eight-ohm speaker, with power supplied over PoE for streamlined cabling and installation.  

“Many end-customer projects include advanced IP audio features amongst their requirements, but they already have perfectly good analog loudspeakers in their facilities,” said Davide Nossa, Product Manager, Barix. “IP Former lets integrators and systems designers simply upgrade those existing speakers with powerful IP functionality, saving the customer significant money compared to new speakers while avoiding the environmental impact of discarding the old ones.”

IP Former has been designed for bringing IP capabilities to applications ranging from background music and in-venue announcements to paging and emergency warning systems. The device decodes audio streams delivered via HTTPS, RTP or UDP in codec formats including PCM, AACplus, MP3, Opus, G.711 and G.722. SIP negotiation provides compatibility with VoIP phone systems and enables each speaker to be addressed individually, while pre-recorded messages can be stored within the device for fast playout. Native support for the Singlewire’s InformaCast and Syn-Apps’ Revolution platforms enables speakers equipped with IP Former to seamlessly integrate as endpoints for the popular mass notification solutions.

Built on Barix’s programmable and secure IPAM 400 IP audio module, IP Former can be extended with new or custom functionality. The solution’s standards-friendly, open architecture enables it to integrate seamlessly into multi-vendor environments.  

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