BBC Sports enhances UEFA 2024 coverage with ROE Visual LED technology at Berlin Studio

BBC Sports is set to revolutionize its coverage of the UEFA 2024 Championship with an innovative open-air studio situated against the iconic backdrop of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, featuring cutting-edge ROE Visual LED panels and advanced virtual production technologies.

Led by Design Director John Murphy, BBC Sport’s design team has extensive experience with extended reality (XR) features, including chroma key technology, at their Salford studio. After witnessing ROE Visual’s capabilities at IBC 2023, Executive Producer Phil Bigwood and Lead Director Colm Harty were inspired to enhance their UEFA 2024 coverage. Teaming up with Chris Izatt, Director of VP and Innovation at AE Live, they brought this vision to fruition in Berlin.

Critical to the success of the project was the testing phase, which began with BBC Sport visiting ROE Visual and their rental partner, Faber, in the Netherlands. These tests provided invaluable insights, leading to refined plans and informed creative and technical decisions.

A final comprehensive test took place closer to home at ROE Visual’s office in Production Park near Leeds. This meticulous setup, overseen by Simon Morton, Support Engineer for ROE Visual UK, included an OB truck, cameras, lights, and tracking systems, ensuring the ROE Visual LED panels performed flawlessly under daylight conditions.

Jens Weber, the esteemed architect known for his international studio designs, played a crucial role in translating virtual concepts into physical reality. His contributions ensured a seamless integration of XR elements that complemented the architectural style of the Brandenburg Gate.

In Berlin, the setup includes two studios—a versatile outdoor terrace studio and an indoor studio—both seamlessly integrated with XR technology. The outdoor studio features a weather-resistant LED floor, designed for daylight visibility and nighttime vibrancy, enhancing visual depth with reflective properties.

The indoor studio, crafted by rental partner Faber, incorporates innovative sliding mechanisms around LED walls, ensuring both creativity and production safety.

Olaf Sperwer, responsible for Business Development in Virtual Production at ROE Visual, expressed pride in the collaboration, emphasizing the studio’s innovative capabilities ahead of the UEFA 2024 broadcasts, scheduled to begin on June 14 and run for four weeks.

The BBC team is eager to showcase this immersive production to viewers and fans, setting a new standard for sports broadcasting.

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