bcom and EVS join forces to offer new *Adaptive HDR Converter*

Logo of Bcom Adaptive HDR converter solution

EVS Media Infrastructure and b<>com have teamed up to offer b<>com *Adaptive HDR Converter*, a real-time adaptive HDR conversion functionality to the users of EVS Media Infrastructure brand new product, Neuron.

*Adaptive HDR Converter* allows  broadcast professionals to introduce within their production workflow SDR-HDR, HDR-HDR, and HDR-SDR conversions in HD and UHD. Based on an intelligent algorithm, b<>com technology “guarantees” an optimal conversion regardless of the video content. Despite the adaptive conversion, it does not require the use of metadata, “and yet is still able to guarantee a visually lossless round trip”.

 “The need for an adaptive solution to go from HDR to SDR or vice-versa was obvious from the first test we did with static conversions” mentions Peter Schut, CTO Media Infrastructure at EVS. “b<>com provides such an algorithm and after evaluating the core with some rough shot HDR content and converted it adaptively to SDR I knew we were heading in the right direction. After a few updates we integrated this in our Neuron Platform and can now serve the industry with better pictures using HDR workflows and still be compatible with your SDR workflows.”

“It’s a real breakthrough for b<>com. This solution has won several innovation prices and we are proud to have EVS Media Infrastructure adopting it. It allows them to offer a dynamic, high-performance tool to their broadcast customers” explains Nicolas Dallery, Marketing & sales director at b<>com.

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