BCP and MOG offer Polsat the solution to ensure workflow continuity

BCP is a distributor of professional audio and video equipment settled on the Polish market since 1997. Partnering with MOG, they have been the responsible for providing a video recording scheduler with router control solution for Poland’s, Polsat. A customized MOG’s mediaSCHEDULER was the chosen solution.

Polsat required a solution that would allow the scheduling and control of all their recording jobs in a unified interface, to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Just in order to maintain workflow continuity. Additionally, they wanted an effective product that allowed us its Grass Valley Jupiter Routers and its multiple recording servers with redundancy as backup.

MAM4PRO’s mediaSCHEDULER was adapted to match those needs and was deployed in a single, high-density and high-performance Xpress R2 Server, with two individual nodes.

Node one would have Scheduling Automation of current HD-SDI Feed Recordings; Automation Control of current HD-SDI Router (Grass Valley Trinix 5122, CM4000 Router Control with Jupiter v8.0.1 P2) and Automation Control of current HD-SDI Recorders.

The second node would serve as a backup, in case of a failure on any of the components of the Active Main Server, by replicating the current database.

In conclusion, the deployment on MOG XPRESS R-2 high-density and high-performance server allowed a combination of a multi-channel recording scheduler with router control, and extra redundancy.

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