The starting signal for Beijing 2022 was sounded recently with the inauguration of the OBS broadcast center in the city

The Beijing 2022 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has recently passed the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) to host broadcaster Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) during an official ceremony in Beijing on July 4. The OBS Beijing based team received a symbolic key from Mr. Li Weidong, Manager of the Main Media Centre.

The IBC will serve as the main hub for OBS and other broadcasters to deliver the coverage of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. The IBC is part of a newly built facility owned by the Main Media Centre.

OBS has been rethinking the design of the IBC for Beijing 2022, making the optimisation of space usage a priority. The broadcasting services have succeeded by reducing the carbon footprint just facilitating the integration of the Main Press Centre into the IBC.

This handover is the starting gun of the fit-out process of the technical and production areas that will be used for the host broadcast. The facility will be transformed into a large broadcast hub that will welcome broadcasters from all over the world.

The handover of this innovative, sustainable and beautiful facility officially marks the beginning of our operations in the host city, and we couldn’t be more excited to enjoy top-level collaboration with such a competent and knowledgeable Organising Committee”, OBS Chief Executive Officer Yiannis Exarchos said. “We look forward to working with you in the coming months and delivering extraordinary Olympic Winter Games”.

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