Big Pic Media forges alliance with Spanish Knox Media Hub

Big Pic Media, a prominent player in the global digital media realm, has sealed a partnership pact with Knox Media Hub (KMH). Headquartered in Barcelona, KMH specializes in cloud-based solutions tailored to enhance the efficiency of video and audio content production, as well as the operations of on-air and online television channels.

Adam Welsh, Director at Big Pic Media, lauds KMH’s innovative approach, stating, “KMH merges the finest attributes of traditional Media Asset Management (MAM) and distribution platforms into a seamless solution accessible via a single browser tab.” He further elaborates, “The cloud service offered by the company encompasses swift and adaptable content ingest, meticulous metadata management, customizable screening rooms, integrated quality control, transcoding, editing, closed captioning, and accelerated multimode delivery. Through KMH’s content management and delivery framework, clients can manage their resources efficiently by assigning microservices costs to content, fostering financial prudence. The introduction of ‘media spaces’ facilitates direct collaboration between brands and their providers, enabling customers to navigate clearly defined workflows from content creation to monetization.”

Santiago Miralles, Founder and CEO of KMH with over 30 years of industry experience, emphasizes the evolving complexity of content delivery, asserting, “Knox Media Hub serves as the linchpin binding the media supply chain together. Our cloud-based service is meticulously designed to encompass every facet of the broadcast supply chain, from content ingestion to transmission.” Miralles underscores the transformative potential of automation, remarking, “Our projections indicate that well-planned and executed automation can slash individual workflow costs by a factor of 10 or more, with instances where costs have been reduced to a mere one fortieth of the original manual approach.”

He further underscores the versatility of KMH’s architecture, stating, “Thanks to its robust architecture and API-first ethos, KMH not only facilitates seamless integration but also empowers businesses to venture into new avenues sans friction or significant costs.” Miralles highlights the cost-efficient nature of the cloud service, noting, “Another advantage of a well-crafted cloud service is that clients only pay for the resources they utilize. Each resource is released upon completion of a process, ensuring outgoings align with actual production activities.”

According to both companies, clients stand to gain:

  • Increased revenue through reduction in Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenses (OpEx).
  • Reduced time to market by automating distribution and delivery processes.
  • Granular cost allocation for services utilized.
  • Advanced real-time and historical analysis for enhanced business insights.
  • Flexible and scalable media asset management offering both off-the-shelf and customized solutions.
  • User-friendly interface tailored for non-technical teams.
  • In essence, KMH equips media companies with the tools to enhance competitiveness and profitability.


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