Blackmagic Design launches a scanner for digitizing UHD and HDR film: Cintel Scanner G3 HDR+

Blackmagic Design has recently announced the Cintel Scanner G3 HDR+. It features a light source that allows real time HDR film scanning in UHD. The high intensity LED grid array light source allows customers to get even better quality images from scanned film.

The new model also retains the great features of the Cintel Scanners, such as digital servos, capstan drives, advanced color science, 35mm and 16mm film support and a design that can even be wall mounted.

The RGB LED grid array illumination source has a square array of 576 high power LEDs arranged into a grid pattern, which are focused onto film using a new light cylinder. This design means that more than twice the silicon area for generating light is available, resulting in more light being directed at the film. There are tens of kilowatts of power contained in each illumination flash to scan a single frame of film. HDR scanning speed is also now up to 3 times faster at full real time speed of 30 frames per second in UHD. The Cintel Scanner G3 HDR+ also features improved color science and up to an additional 3.5 stops of HDR range.

It also features an inspection mode that allows to check the condition of the original film. This is available by pressing and holding the stop button. The light source will be adjusted so light becomes focussed in a single direction. This then allows dust and scratches to be seen instantly.

“We’ve been demonstrating this new light source technology over this past year and we are now very excited to be able to include it in our newest Cintel Scanner G3 HDR+ model,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO.

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