Blackmagic Design unveils new products and services ahead of the highly awaited NABShow 2022

The Australian company has unveiled the new features that will be presented at the NAB world fair, in its 2022 edition. In the coming days when the fair will be held all attendees will be able to enjoy the new features added to Blackmagic products to meet remote workflows and remote collaboration. Here is a detailed analysis of all the new features that will be presented:

DaVinci Resolve 18: the main addition is the ability to allow multiple editors, colorists, visual effects artists and sound artists to work simultaneously on the same timeline from anywhere. This update pairs directly with Blackmagic Cloud, a platform for hosting and sharing projects. The Blackmagic Proxy Generator application automatically creates lower resolution files linked to the camera originals to streamline the editing workflow, another new feature.

The program also includes artificial intelligence-based Resolve FX plug-ins powered by DaVinci’s neural engine. This capability includes a new mask that can recognize and track the motion of thousands of objects. Also included are time-saving tools for editors, fixed bus conversions to FlexBus in the Fairlight module, and GPU-driven dynamic retouching in the Fusion module.


Blackmagic Cloud Store: is a network storage device with four 10G Ethernet connections and a parallel memory core that allows maximum data transfer rates to be achieved on each of the Ethernet ports simultaneously. The solution is intended for the film and television industry, where large files need to be shared among multiple users. It is capable of processing material recorded in Blackmagic RAW at 12K resolution without any latency.

It has an array of flash drives that work in parallel for speed and data protection. The Blackmagic Cloud Store is available in 20TB, 80TB and 320TB versions. The M.2 memory cards provide high speed without latency. In addition, they are arranged in a RAID 5 system. It can be synchronized with Dropbox. It has HDMI output for monitoring.

Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini: is a network storage device with four M.2 flash drives in a RAID 0 configuration with a capacity of 8TB. It is the smaller, less expensive version of its more powerful counterpart.

Blackmagic Cloud Pod: a device that allows any USB-C drive to be used for network file storage. It includes a 10G Ethernet port and synchronization with Dropbox, in order to save content locally and share it with anyone connected to the same network. It also has an HDMI output for monitors.

HyperDeck Extreme 4K: is a 4K resolution H.265 compression recorder featuring a touchscreen user interface, integrated graphics and high dynamic range image support. The new HyperDeck Extreme model combines the reliability of the HyperDeck line with innovations such as H.265 compression, optional internal cache memory, three-dimensional conversion tables and support for high dynamic range content. They include two memory card slots, 12G SDI links, a USB-C port for external drives, a front speaker and headphone connection, as well as other analog connections. The LCD display is compatible with Rec. 2020 and Rec. 709 standards, and even supports DCI-P3 content.

HyperDeck Shuttle HD: a desktop recorder and player. It can process H.264, ProRes and DNx files, with PCM or AAC audio. It is designed as a complement to the ATEM Mini mixers and therefore accommodates HDMI connections. It supports ProRes, DNx and H.264 files in NTSC, PAL, 720p and 1080p formats, while HDMI connections provide the opportunity to connect mixers, cameras and monitors. SD or UHS-II cards and external USB-C drives can also be used. It is possible to record up to 157 hours of content in H.264 format at 1080p59.94 resolution on a 1TB card. It also has 1G Ethernet for high-speed file uploading.

Camera 7.7 Update: This is an update that improves sensor performance on the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K. This update also provides a more accurate starting point for color balance to achieve better skin tones while retaining the slight attenuation of highlights.

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