Blustream integrates Dante on its IP250UHD 4K multicast platform

Blustream recently announced that its IP250UHD 4K multicast platform with Dante® integration is now on the market.

The IP250UHD-TX transmitter and IP250UHD-RX video scaling receiver distribute ultra HD and 4K video with HDCP 2.2 over a single category or fiber cable, while allowing integrators to input two audio channels from the video-over-IP system for playout on Dante-enabled devices and extract two channels from the Dante network for playout across the Blustream system.

The multicast platform distributes AV and control signals over a 1 Gb network using compression to deliver HDMI, Dante, bi-directional IR, RS-232, and USB/KVM signals up to 328 feet over a standard network architecture, or further when using the units’ fiber SFP port. Both of the tools support independent or combined HDMI/Dante signal distribution.

“Dante is the standard for networked audio in the commercial market and is rapidly gaining traction in the residential space as well, so this is an important addition to our video-over-IP offering”, said Martyn Shirley, General Manager of Blustream. “In systems of any size, the IP250UHD elevates the experience and lowers costs by allowing installers to integrate networked audio via Dante only on the required end points. The compatibility with our IP200UHD platform means integrators can easily and cost-effectively add Dante audio to new or existing Blustream video-over-IP systems”.

The IP250UHD-TX includes an HDMI loop-out for integrating local displays or cascading to multiple devices. Both can be powered via PoE from the network switch or locally should the switch not support PoE.

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