Brainstorm achieves further integration of Unreal Engine in its latest Suite 5

Brainstorm has recently announced the release of Brainstorm Suite 5, an update to its InfinitySet, Aston and eStudio products. The added capabilities bring new tools and functionalities oriented to the creation of extended reality content, with an even more complete integration with Unreal Engine.

As the use of virtual XR production techniques using LED screens is becoming more and more common, Brainstorm has developed new tools specifically designed to be played back on large format LED video walls and simultaneously captured by the camera.

Suite 5 has a specific interface dedicated to the creation of XR installations, which allows modeling videowalls, allowing curved, corner or any shape installations, and mapping the required 3D content on that model. In addition, taking advantage of InfinitySet’s Layers and Stacks tools, different renderings can be mapped, even with different resolutions and aspect ratios, on a canvas of any size and shape.

The integration of InfinitySet and eStudio with Unreal Engine is tighter in this solution as it allows to include complete Brainstorm scenes and templates, within a Unreal project and vice versa, remaining fully editable. Thanks to this feature it is possible to create AR projects in Unreal that benefit from support for advanced graphics generated from external data and Brainstorm broadcast workflows. This is in addition to the acclaimed UnrealControl application, which allows Unreal projects to be edited directly in the InfinitySet interface. Suite 5 also integrates the Unreal Engine chroma key directly into InfinitySet.

“Brainstorm has been deeply involved with Augmented Reality and Virtual Production for decades now, and Suite 5 is the result of applying our expertise to the new display methods that broadcasters and filmmakers are introducing into their workflows” says Hector Viguer, Brainstorm’s COO and Engineering Director. “The advanced features of Suite 5 will allow any user to comply with any kind of VR/AR/XR requirement, regardless of how complex it is, and leaving them free to choose the production workflow they feel is best for their production, whether LED walls or chroma keying. We want to be agnostic so we can provide a solution for any requirement.”

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