BrandStar Studio upgrades its virtual production capabilities with Mo-Sys solutions

Mo-Sys Engineering, robotics virtual production and remote production manufacturer, has recently announced that BrandStar Studios has deployed two StarTracker camera tracking systems and seven VP Pro XR servers for its South Florida studio. That investment is part of a recent multi-million dollar upgrade to its production capabilities.

The tools in Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR content server include set extensions, color-grading, and the unique ability to pull focus seamlessly between real and virtual objects. The latter is made possible by the Cinematic XR Focus feature.

BrandStar provides production studio and is home to one of the few 1.9mm pixel pitch LED volume stages in the country. The production house aims to provide its clients with camera tracking and graphics capabilities and this investment in Mo-Sys solutions enhances its ability to provide graphics and virtual and immersive mixed reality content.

“Initially, we were looking for a single camera tracking system that could meet our exacting standards and align with the high-end facility we have created here at our South Florida site,” commented Mark Alfieri, CEO, BrandStar Studios. “Mo-Sys StarTracker not only delivers all the performance we need but VP Pro XR offers some incredible advantages and an innovative toolset, and the price/performance ratio is above anything else we have seen. Their team operates in a very collaborative way and went the extra mile to ensure we have the right set-up for clients’ diverse needs.”

“As well as driving virtual production technology forward, we are passionate about creating tools that align closely with our customers’ core business aims and help them create the type of immersive and engaging content that today’s audience demands,” said Tom Shelburne, Mo-Sys EVP Sales and Operations, Americas.

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