Broadcast Design Ltd renews Radio Kol Rega’s infrastructure with DHD.Audio technology announces the completion of a studio upgrade for regional broadcaster Radio Kol Rega. The project was supervised by Jerusalem-based systems integrator Broadcast Design Ltd. This radio transmits across northern Israel from its studios at Beit Keshet. It produces two channels, one in Hebrew and one in Russian.

The Russian-language channel went on air in June 2020 and the station selected a DHD audio production system. After that, the network replaced its old analog desk with DHD digital consoles when the time came to refurbish the main channel.

The primary channel has one main studio, one backup studio, one news booth studio and another analog studio. The idea was to refurbish the main studio and the news booth. The challenges were to migrate to a new technology and architecture, keeping the analog studios as is, and to ensure maximum redundancy where possible. Key reasons for the modernisation were a desire to stay on top of the technology with maximum features, efficient customisation and the ability to expand easily and affordably.

Together with Yaniv Shwartz, Kol Rega’s CTO, Broadcast Design Ltd opted for an integrated system centred around DHD products and Dante audio-over-IP. A 16-fader DHD SX2 console with a DHD TX touch panel was chosen for Studio 1 and a four-faders SX2 with I/O-Core for the news studio, both with Dante modules.

Global resources such as off-air receivers, codecs and studio-to-transmitter links were connected to analog, AES3 and Dante converters. Every analog studio gets an interface that makes it IP compatible.

Management and routing of main programme, clean feeds and monitor circuits is done with DHD Web-apps. These help to configure customisable screens and allow staff to work from home.

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