Broadcast Partners provides radio coverage throughout the Netherlands with a single Elenos transmitter

Broadcast Partners is a Dutch broadcast network operator. It provides FM and DAB+ radio distribution and additional services for a wide number of licensees. For FM distribution, Broadcast Partners uses combinations of Elenos ETG Indium FM transmitter.

“A transmitter product with high efficiency helps us to lower the operational costs of our FM networks,” said Werner de Schepper, CTO of Broadcast Partners. The reason for so much attention to these products is that operators like Broadcast Partners must cater to the dynamic and volatile energy market.

The landscape in the Netherlands is interesting. The country has a flat landscape without significant differences in height.

In this situation it is possible to serve a large part of the country with a single transmitter station, on the condition that a frequency diagram allows it, that sufficient transmitter power is available and the antenna system is installed heigh enough. A good example of this, is a frequency that is broadcasted from the Gerbrandytoren (radio broadcast tower) in the centre of the Netherlands. It is interesting to note that using this multi-pattern antenna system, the signals from multiple radio stations are broadcast on it, with a cumulative ERP power of over 440 kW.

This way it is possible for just one redundant transmitter to serve around 70% of the area of the country, including cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague and a ditto percentage of the country’s population.

“We provide reliable radio distribution around the clock for a lot of radio stations, and therefore we have to deploy high-quality products that we can rely on,” Werner explains. “We use Elenos transmitters to provide that.”

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