Broadcast Pix celebrates its 20th anniversary

The company Broadcast Pix specialized in the development of integrated video production systems is celebrating its 20th anniversary this July.

Broadcast Pix was one of the pioneers in the integrated production systems industry and established its reputation for developing toolsets for live video content creation. These tools continue to be enhanced, and user interfaces refined through two decades of listening and reacting to customer feedback.

Today, the product line has evolved into format- and resolution-independent software that runs on consumer-available hardware. “From StreamingPix to the production switcher, the GX Hybrid; the company has a product for every application: the corporate event, the classroom, or the OB truck,” the company assures.

“With 20 years’ worth of accumulated knowledge and user interface design, Broadcast Pix products are the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solutions on the market. As we continue to grow, we want you to know that one thing will never change: our excellent, people-driven support,” says Graham Sharp, CEO, Broadcast Pix.

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