Studio Berlin’s revolutionary OB truck concept connects via IP through Apantac KVM

Studio Berlin has recently set a new standard in outdoor TV production with its new 24-camera UHD/HDR OB van, which was recently put into operation. Especially designed to UHD/HDR productions, the Ü10 has been implemented Apantac’s KVM over IP system. Broadcast Solutions Produkte & Service, the subsidiary of Broadcast Solutions, is the German distributor for Apantac’s KVM and multiviewer solutions and supervised the implementation together with the Broadcast Solutions project team.

The concept is revolutionary in many ways. To start, Studio Berlin and Broadcast Solutions has designed a concept of separating technology and production. For instance, instead of all the racks of hardware being installed in the OB truck, they have been moved to the support vehicle.

The Ü10 includes 26 workstations and a total of 39 computers with 25 user workstations were connected via the Apantac KVM over IP system. Matthias Alexandru, Technical Manager, Studio Berlin: “The Apantac KVM over IP system is still relatively new to us. But the flexibility, the range of functions and the scalability convinced us immediately. The different productions with the Ü10 and the resulting changing workflows demand a high degree of flexibility within the OB van. Apantac’s KVM system provides us with enormous scope here and the configuration is easy and quick to manage.”

This protocol set the workflows via a network switch that defines and interconnects computer modules or workstation modules as transmitters and receivers, rather than on the basis of a matrix with defined inputs and outputs. This solution supports routing or switching of video, keyboard and mouse (HID), USB 2.0, audio (analogue / embedded), RS-232 and IR. The images has quality and performs a latency of less than 17 ms. The transmitters and receivers work with Video over IP and offer connectivity options (DVI, HDMI, VGA) and formats. At the Ü10, the modules are connected to two switches, which are separated in the OB van and the support van and connected via four redundant 10G trunks.

“With its unique approach, this project represents excellent advancement in mobile production and broadcasting,” comments Thomas Tang, President of Apantac. “Our KVM over IP solutions are contributing to this forward-looking model and we are proud to be providing solutions that can enhance agility and flexibility for our customers and their customers alike.”

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