Broadcast Solutions builds a second IP truck up for SuperSport

Broadcast Solutions has completed the construction of a second all-IP outside broadcast truck for South African broadcaster SuperSport. This new unit, named IP2, serves as a slightly smaller counterpart to the previously delivered giant IP1, which arrived in mid-2023.

IP2 closely mirrors the specifications of its predecessor, including comprehensive production facilities such as a Sony XVS 9000 4 M/E switcher, a 64-fader Calrec Artemis audio mixer, and onboard EVS replay servers. Sony cameras, including the 3500 Ultra HD, 5500 super-motion, and 4800 ultra-motion cameras, are also part of the setup. Connectivity is facilitated by the SMPTE ST2110 family of standards, with Imagine Communications SNPs handling SDI/IP conversion, video processing, and multiviewing.

Prishen Govender, Senior Manager Technical Broadcasting – Outside Broadcast Services at SuperSport, explained, “IP1, known as ‘The Queen,’ is designed for our most prestigious sports events. However, we quickly realized the need for a slightly scaled-down version. IP2, referred to as ‘The Princess,’ functions similarly but in a slightly smaller form.”

IP1, also constructed by Broadcast Solutions, pushed the limits of size for South African roads, with a trailer measuring 16 meters in length, 4.3 meters in height, and 2.6 meters in width when traveling. In contrast, IP2 is 4.5 meters shorter, making it suitable for venues where IP1 would be physically too large. The Sunshine Golf Tour is a prime example, as the larger truck would struggle to access golf estates.

SuperSport has opted to standardize its control system with the hi human interface developed by Broadcast Solutions. This powerful control layer simplifies system configuration and provides a user-friendly interface. It also enables seamless interconnection between IP1 and IP2, allowing the two trucks to work together for massive productions.

SuperSport’s Govender noted, “After conducting extensive research and consulting industry professionals worldwide, we selected Broadcast Solutions to build IP1, which had an immediate positive impact on our operations. Consequently, we made the bold decision to commission a second truck promptly, and once again, Broadcast Solutions has met our very specific requirements. We can’t wait to put IP2 into service in South Africa.”

Sascha Franke, Director of Project Delivery at Broadcast Solutions, added, “Receiving a follow-up order so quickly demonstrates great confidence in our system design expertise and our ability to deliver high-quality solutions. With an all-IP infrastructure, we can maximize operator comfort by minimizing rack space. Even in this smaller unit, SuperSport will have ample space to accommodate a large crew.”

SuperSport’s IP2 was constructed at Broadcast Solutions’ facilities in Bingen am Rhein, Germany.

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