Broadcast Solutions develops meshLINK: video encoding, full-duplex IP and mesh networking combined in one device

Broadcast Solutions has released recently meshLINK. With this product development the company enhances wireless video transmission providing video encoding, full-duplex IP and Mesh networking, everything combined. meshLINK offers a super-low latency down to 45 ms in HD and 75 ms in 4K, 100 Mbit maximum data throughput and 1 to 4 HD encoding channels on one frequency.

The system is a true duplex IP-based wireless solution that represents one of the latests velopments in RF technology on the one hand and breakthroughs in ultra-low latency UHD HEVC encoding on the other. meshLINK allows CP and telemetry integration during live broadcast, as well as intercom, return video, prompter, and other functions such as those they could be integrated in any other IP-based application.

In a basic version, it can be seen as a Tx/Rx wireless point-to-point product, with the fundamental difference being that it allows bidirectional IP traffic and complete monitoring of the link. In this configuration, meshLINK works with a radio and encoder on the Tx side, combined with a radio and decoder on the Rx side.

Adding more radios (dubbed as nodes) to the system creates a Mesh network. Placing nodes “on the fly” allows ad hoc transmissions from virtually any position. Using the mesh functionality, a radio is a transmitter, receiver, and repeater simultaneously.

Signal routing is automatically selected. In addition, data can be entered and retrieved at every node in the network. In case one Tx/Rx line is blocked all other nodes in the mesh can take over the delivery of the signal by acting as a relay.

Real-time adaptive video encoding is offered as an option to ensure the best possible result, company’s words.

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