Broadcast Solutions and NEP The Netherlands deploy a 24 camera UHD OB Truck

Inside view of the UHD OB truck of Broadcast Soltuions and NEP The Netherlands

The OB Truck manufacturer Broadcast Solutions GmbH has joined forces with its outsourced technical production partner NEP The Netherlands to create a 24 camera UHD OB Truck. It is one of the two largest mobile productions tools in NEP Europe’s fleet.

The newly manufactured UHD 2 OB truck provides 27 workplaces. It comes as a double-expando and offers over 45m2 of working space plus VIP accommodation with extra-large UHD screens.

Regarding the technical equipment, it includes a large variety of monitors in the production area (5x 48”, 1x 30” and 4x 24” and 4x 23”) and comprises 8x slomo desks with access to 6x EVS XT4 servers. For video switching and management, NEP chose Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras and Karrera video switchers, for both production areas. Riedel’s MicroN platform provides flexible video switching, multiviewing and digital glue options; and the Riedel MicroN solutions offer flexibility with less space plus IP-based interconnectivity and accessibility options from remote, fuelled by three Riedel Mediornet video stageboxes added to the OB Truck.

The audio works with a Lawo mc2 56 Mark III audio console with 64 faders including a Nova73 audio matrix, preparing the OB Truck for large audio productions.

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