Broadcast Solutions develops three OB trucks with UHD and Dolby Atmos capabilities for SRG

Broadcast Solutions has announced the integration and delivery of three identical production vehicles for SRG (Swiss Radio and Television Company).

The broadcaster is carrying a modernisation for the different language delegations. Part of this process, SRG is replacing existing production vehicles that have reached the end of their service life and to have additional UHD-capable vehicles.

The new units are called PaaM (Production as a Module). The three of them are 8-camera OB vans and they are designed as self-propelled trucks.

The vehicles are designed as a truck box-body combination. With a maximum weight of 25 tonnes and a length of only 11 metres, they have an extension and 12 workstations. They can work with 8 cameras during productions, in special cases with up to a maximum of 10.

The interior of the vehicle has a flexible workstation concept, where several workstations can be used as required. From use as an EVS workstation to a desk for editors, many forms are possible.

The core of the PaaM vehicles is Riedel’s decentralised MediorNet MicroN UHD router system. 16 MicroN UHD units distribute audio, video and multiviewer signals. The Riedel intercom system uses Artist 1024 and Bolero units. The Swiss broadcasters work in the vehicle with 8 Sony HDCU 5500 cameras each. A Sony MVS-7000 vision mixer is used in the control room. Furthermore, 2 EVS XT VIA servers are installed in the vehicle. The control of the crosspoints, UMD, tallies, and multiviewer signal switching in the PaaM vehicles is handled by the “hi human” interface control system.

The audio installation is prepared for Dolby Atmos. The audio signals are processed via a Stagetec Avartus console.

“We worked closely with all partners at SRG right from the start,” says Matthias Hahn, senior project manager at Broadcast Solutions, “so that our specialists, external designers and acousticians could develop the workplace and workflow concept, the acoustics, the interior design and lighting concept as closely as possible together with the customer and we could respond to SRG’s wishes in the best possible way.”

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