Broadcast Solutions unveils UHD 2 OB Van, its latest project for HD Broadcast

Control room at Broadcast Solutions's UHD 2 OB Van for HD Broadcast

German broadcast production company HD Broadcast has presented its new UHD 2 OB van, which is now the new main production tool of the company. In close cooperation with HD Broadcast, Broadcast Solutions planned and built the 30-camera UHD / HDR OB truck. Broadcast Solutions and HD BROADCAST planned the OB van from scratch.

The new UHD 2 is currently one of the largest OBs available in Germany. The OB unit can work with a maximum of 30 cameras (UHD / HDR) and with an interior space of around 60 m2, the OB van offers up to 28 staff members a spacious working environment. The vehicle uses a multi-format production system based on 4K / 12G-SDI UHD Single Link / 3G-SDI Quad Link / HD / HDR formats. HD Broadcast’s new flagship is designed as a trailer with three extensions covering the complete trailer length, thus providing two full control rooms, many engineering and slomo workstations and VIP workplaces. A third control room is available with the support van.

The vehicle houses 10 EVS VIA servers, located under the desk of control room 1 – fully air-conditioned and soundproofed. Broadcast Solutions technicians installed around 70 km of cable, over 400 RU of rack space and 23 cable trays in the trailer. As a further speciality and to increase the customer’s production safety, UHD 2 is equipped with a UPS unit, which ensures 15 minutes of autonomous operation of the complete OB in case of a power failure.

Constantin Novotny, CTO and CEO of HD Broadcast comments on the new OB van and its evolution: “The initial planning provided for a rather tight schedule of 10 months for the construction of the UHD 2. We have a long-lasting business relationship with Broadcast Solutions, and I was sure that Broadcast Solutions would be able to deliver such an ambitious and unusual project to my satisfaction, even within the short time available. In close cooperation and coordination, we have completed a truly unique production vehicle that will attract a lot of attention in Europe, I am sure.

UHD 2 from HD Broadcast will see its maiden voyage at the start of the German Football Association cup matches, season 2020/2021.

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